2018 Trends Forecast Report

Shifting Sands Forecast: Trends Shaping The Food Industry in 2018

This yearly report forecasts trends across Government, Technology, Health, Consumer, Travel, Foods & Beverage sources affecting the food industry between 2018 and Q1 2019.

Adventure, courage, optimism, and playfulness continue as:

  • Government focuses on health and labeling issues
  • Health is dictated by obesity, and trust concerns
  • Technology is concerned with services and social connectedness
  • Consumers move from directed to mindful
  • Travel remains extreme, indicating continued confidence
  • Beverage expands laterally with cocktails, mocktails dominating
  • Food interests cuts wider path with more extreme offerings

This report is a cross-analysis of 191 prediction lists for 2018 put forth by 149 industry experts. In all, more than 1,700 individual predictions were evaluated for their potential during the coming year, however, only predictions that are well supported are included in the final report. All trends in the report are anticipated to remain in focus throughout 2018 and into the first quarter of 2019.

The trends are broken down by macro and then micro families, which helps to establish their strengths and links to other existing trends. A gap analysis is performed to identify overlooked trends which were considered critical to the forecast by Culinary Tides, Inc.

Strategic analysis accompanies the forecast to reveal pathways for creating approaches and products which align with consumers. This is to help translate, what seems at first glance to be an array of disjointed trend lists, into actionable strategic intelligence.

2018 predictions include:

  • Government – cybersecurity, sweeteners, natural, obesity, food safety, GMO
  • Health – weight wellness, active aging, natural energy, elimination diets, cognitive function
  • Technology – narrowcasting, order, delivery, GMO, blockchain, fintech, connected objects
  • Consumers – clockless eating, permissive indulgence, trust funding, solo dining, transparency, invisibly healthy, sustainability
  • Travel –digital detox, mystery trips, dark travel, cross-generational, glamping, second cities
  • Beverage – branded ice, hard cider, seasonal, plant milk, fermented, IPAs, adulting, florals, functional, tea/coffee infused, grains
  • Flavor & Cuisine – micro ethnic, plant-based, seasonal, pickled, noodles, alternative flours, pulses, wild game, hybrids, foodceuticals

Cost: $3,500.00

Shifting Sands Forecast: Trends Shaping The Food Industry in 2018.

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