2018 Trends Forecast Report

Shifting Sands Forecast: Trends Shaping The Food Industry in 2018

The 2018 report has been put into the vault. Next year’s report will be available Q1 2019, make sure to join our newsletter for news and updates.

Adventure, courage, optimism, and playfulness wane as:

  • Government focuses on health, safety, and labeling issues
  • Health is dictated by obesity, cognitive function, and trust concerns
  • Technology is concerned with ingredients, services, and social connectedness
  • Consumers move from adventure to mindful
  • Travel loses its edge, indicating stalled confidence
  • Beverage returns to yesteryear with cocktails, add-ins, botanicals dominating
  • Food interests cut wider path … with more conservative offerings

It can be difficult to know which trends are most likely to rise above the noise in the new year. It can be even more confusing trying to decide which will resonate most with your brand and customers.

Culinary Tides, Inc cross-analyzed 1700 predictions from 149 industry experts and narrowed it to well-supported trends most likely to affect industry players. This report forecasts trends across Government, Technology, Health, Consumer, Travel, Food & Beverage affecting the food industry from 2018 through Q1 2019.

Discover 14 “Ah-Ha Moments” you can use to navigate trends affecting your playground. The trends are broken down by macro and micro families, which helps to establish their strengths and links to other existing trends. Gap analysis was performed to identify overlooked trends which were considered critical to the overall forecast picture by Culinary Tides, Inc.

Knowing which trends best fit your brand, which will resonate most with customers, and how long they will they stick around can clear a path for meaningful innovation. Understanding how these trends came to be and what is pushing them into the spotlight can help move you to a calmer, more confident position for strategy development.

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Shifting Sands Forecast: Trends Shaping The Food Industry in 2018.

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