How does a former toxicologist and crime scene investigator end up tracking food trends for the United States and pairing food and wine?

Trends Forecasting
Suzy Badaracco is a toxicologist, certified chef, and registered dietitian. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminalistics, an Associates degree in Culinary Arts, and a Masters of Science degree in Human Nutrition. Suzy has worked as an analytical chemist, corporate chef, nutrition specialist, trainer, and knowledge manager for organizations including Mintel, USDA, Nestle, T. Marzetti, and Ajinomoto inc. since 1992. Suzy has been trained in military intelligence and predictive analysis techniques used by both corporate and government bodies. Using these techniques she has been able to successfully predict and profile food trends in the United States from health and ingredient trends to restaurants, consumers, fast food and fast casual restaurants, grocery stores, and manufacturing trends.

Additionally she uses her skills to track food safety and defense for the food industry which entails monitoring all government movement including USDA, FDA, import/export laws, labeling legislation and others. Responses by consumers, industry partners, lobby groups, and manufacturers are also monitored.

As a university liaison for American universities Suzy coordinates research done in the United States for industry partners. This involves selecting the top researchers in the country, screening them for interest, and implementing corporate and university partnerships.

Food & Wine pairing
Since attaining her degree in Culinary Arts, Suzy has been passionate about food and wine pairing and specifically the science behind various pairing techniques. She has trained staff and students in nationally accredited culinary programs, universities, and vineyards. Her goal is to impart the ability to pair food and wine to others and empower them to go out and apply the lessons to discover food and wine pairings on their own. Rather than attempting to squeeze the infinite possibilities into one-size-fits-all rules, she suggests you let the basic components of taste and flavor be your guide.

By understanding the science behind food and wine pairing and a basic understanding of the food and wine it is easy to find a successful pairing and can greatly increase the chances of finding an exciting synergy between food and wine. Your staff’s ability to provide relevant information on wine selection and ability to interact with your patrons in a confident and knowledgeable manner is key to driving initial and repeat sales. Training is the critical factor that allows for the development of a successful business.

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